Artist & useful links:

Chris Cyprus
Mossley based artist, and co-founder of The People’s Gallery – Chris Cyprus specialises in colourful oils paintings of local northern scenery. He was recently featured on the BBC One Show talking about his series ‘Northern Lights’.
John Kimpton
Gordon Clegg
Well known local artist Gordon Clegg is based at The People’s Gallery here in Stalybridge. Gordon is a commissioned portrait artist, but most recently he has been specialising in bespoke landscapes – all of which he paints from his studio upstairs in the gallery.
Phil Ashley
Tara bush
Cliff Murphy
Gemma Furbank
Anita Draper
Stockport based artist who works with a wide range of colour and texture applied through a range of mixed media including en-caustic wax, oil, acrylic and watercolour paints.
Witzend Gallery Stalybridge
Hugh Winterbottom
Kevin Haynes
Di terry
Sandra Crake
Pat Simms
Liz Ackerley
Robert Lees
Woodend Studios

The Cut, Lambeth
Emmaus, Mossley