Gordon Clegg

Although very much self-taught, Gordon has spent his whole life drawing; “It’s the only thing I could do,” he said, “as a kid, I was never interested in playing football or other sports, I was always happiest when I could find a clean sheet of paper to draw on”.

Gordon’s story starts as a pupil of West Hill Secondary Modern School, where he was taught and very much inspired by the remarkable water-colourist Owen Traynor. He said, “he taught me to look at things in detail. I loved to paint landscapes and this kept me reasonably happy for many a year, but I was never really happy, I always thought they had something missing and I didn’t know what it was until I tried to paint my first portrait, and it soon became apparent that the missing ingredient was emotion!

During an interview with Gordon for a local magazine Roger Bamford (features editor for Hyde Community Matters) wrote, sitting in Gordon’s studio, stretched out in his favourite armchair; mug of strong tea in hand, surrounded by literally hundreds of original brilliant artworks, Gordon explained. “I always start my portraits with the eyes. I find so much in them from sadness, joy, love, despair and pain, it’s all there in the eyes; those are the emotions, I feel, are missing in the landscape.”

So for 30 years Gordon spent every evening drawing with pen and inks to create a series of works that he exhibited in his first one man exhibition at the prestigious Astley-Cheetham art gallery in Stalybridge. That was quickly followed by successful exhibitions at the People’s Gallery and last year, 2013, at The Museum, in Uppermill. In 2014 he had an exhibition at the Gallery Oldham which he had great success, Gordon was born locally in October 1947 in Stalybridge and has lived there ever since.

Gordon is based here at The People’s Gallery, please inquire for commissions or visit Gordon’s website.

Pathways Stalybridge by Gordon Clegg. Pencil crayons and ink. A2. £450